Radio Jockey


To be an RJ, you need to be a gossip guru and very talkative. But these qualities are not at all enough. Your voice quality matters much more than other quality. If you think, you lack in a voice, you need not to worry more because including your voice, your quality script and your passion are also important factor to increase your listenership.
In the recent years we have seen an increase in Internet Online Radio Stations and its becoming the latest and new way to entertain. To entertain you, Radio Jockeys work a lot behind to perform a task. An RJ not only entertains with his or her gossips but also provides you information that keeps you updated.

For being an good RJ there are certain guidelines that one has to follow:

Radio Jockeying is an Art and you need to be very creative and should possess a good sense of humour to be an RJ. It’s a mode of communication in which the addressee can’t see you so everything has to be done verbally. What you speak should always make sense. You cannot just blabber and make the listeners believe you. You need to give them the credibility to make them believe you. It’s a kind of communication that keeps listeners connected on the go as well so you have a chance to talk about nearly everything ranging from education to corruption, food to cricket, bollywood and so on. So, there is literally no end to things that you can talk about on a radio. So what is important is one should always make a good use of such vastness of topics that he/she has a freedom to cover and try as much as possible to keep entertained every section of the society be it kids, youngsters, adults or senior citizens.

-Try to avoid talking about politics and more specifically passing personal comments about any of the political Leader.

-Do not talk about the negative aspects of the famous personalities. Some people might be their fans and hence you will lose their listenership if at all you do that.

-Do not go extreme and try to be as calm and polite as possible so that you don’t upset the listeners. Also keep a check on what you speak. Usually when you are hyper you often speak something irrelevant.

-Keep your talks short and simple otherwise you might make the listeners bored and lose their listenership. An average voice link should end in 40 – 60 seconds and if you are on call then it may extend to a minute or two and not more than that.

-Your voice should be energetic and confident. For an energetic voice you can practice saying OOOOMMMMMM continuously for 15 to 20 minutes. This will also improve the bass levels in your voice.

-Do not try to copy anyone. Be yourself and try to create your own voice’s charm among the listeners.

-You must always keep a modulation in your voice to avoid your tone becoming monotonous and plain.

-You may opt for theme based show to make your shows more interesting and gain the listenership.

-You should try to create an impact in the minds of the Listeners so that they can identify your voice and keep it intact in their minds.

-Try to familiarise people with their local surroundings, happenings and mishappenings by reading the newspapers, online information and other media as these are always a great source of information..

How to write a script for radio

As a spoken word on radio cannot be re-read, has no written record, can be easily misquoted or taken out-of-context; it becomes even more important for a radio presenter to be more careful while writing and speaking for ear.

While scripting for a radio programme, one should first understand the basic needs of a listener i.e.

• To be informed, educated and/or entertained.

• To understand what is being said.

• To be interested.

• To be satisfied.

You need to choose proper diction words that suit your personality. The words in the script should be short and easily understable. It should be familiar words/phrase, no tongue twister to be used and no metaphors (simple/complex). As far as possible lists should be avoided as it is difficult to remember a spoken list. When using Facts and Figures, one should be very careful, as radio’s content is perceived as most authentic. The content written for radio should be as crisp as possible. Dragging a topic results in loss of interest on the part of Listener.

What is the role of an RJ?

An RJ can be called as a brand ambassador of the radio station as it represents the radio station with his shows.

An RJ promotes the radio station with his voice and popularizes himself/herself among the listeners as well. Therefore, you need to be very sharp over here and must be aware of all the latest happenings around the world, nation and city. The popularity of a station also depends on an RJ. The work of an RJ is to present his show on a particular theme and to play heart throbbing songs which are makes it a complete entertainment package. Your voice should come from the bottom of the heart and must attract the listeners. You must have good command over script as content of the script is the KING. So, you need a power packed script to get appraisal.

One important key feature to be an RJ is that you need to differentiate between various time segments. Your listenership also depends on the type of show you are hosting, whether it is a morning show, noon show, evening show or night show. These are also known as the various elements for hosting a show.

A good radio jockey is the one who has the ability to convert his/her thoughts in a perfect script. An RJ needs to be very creative while writing script. As we said that there are different elements for performing shows during various phase of a day. The personality and voice to host a morning show should be very energetic as it is the time when people usually wake up and get ready for their offices and colleges. Similarly, voice and personality to host a night show must be very soothing as it is the time when people go into the bed and look forward for a pleasant night.

Sometimes an RJ is also supposed to perform marketing for a certain product during the show. So, it is very important that how you are going to connect the product with your voice link. There are various aspects that need to be furnished to give a perfect voice link during a show.